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We are a family business. A business about everything handmade, healthy, and wholesome. A business born out of a love of all things cheese! We are Brittany and Bronson, thanks for visiting our website.

The Vegan Dairy began by accident. Brittany was working as a dairy cheesemaker for her mum, whose own cheesemaking business began as a way for her to cope with the grief of losing her youngest son, Brittany’s youngest brother, in a sudden accident. We were vegetarian at the time and after two years of Brittany bringing home copious amounts of handmade cheese from work Bronson decided to ditch dairy. So Brittany went on a mission to make dairy-free cheese for Bronson to enjoy at home using the cheesemaking techniques she had learned at work. A lot of trial and error turned into something that everyone around us wanted and here we are, years later, loving every day of creating new plant-based “dairy” products for all of you.

We use traditional cheesemaking techniques to develop and produce all of our range, and we only use the best, most simple, organic ingredients to make them. We work with ethical producers to source our ingredients, and we do everything we can to ensure we don’t send any waste, from our production or packaging, to landfill. Scroll down for more info, recipes, stockists near you, and more!

Hand Crafted Using Traditional Cheese Making Techniques

Our range of plant-based “dairy” products are made using many of the cheesemaking techniques Brittany learned working in the dairy industry. This enables us to achieve traditional and authentic cheese flavours through natural culturing processes rather than by adding flavours. We culture, drain, age, turn, air dry, mould, and so on, just as traditional dairy cheesemakers do, and our Artisan products are made completely by hand.

Keeping It Healthy & Clean

We use clean, simple, organic ingredients in all of our products to keep things not just tasty but also TRULY healthy. No preservatives, no added flavourings, no fillers, no list of ingredients that require a science degree to understand. Just simple bases and real herbs and spices. Being naturally cultured our products are also great for digestive health and gut flora. They are high in plant-based proteins and healthy oils, and are also completely gluten free.

We also source our ingredients from organic and ethical sources and are proud to work with producers who give so much back to the communities they work in.

Vegan Cheese Platters Are Here

We have always wanted to bring the ‘social’ back to cheese for those who don’t eat dairy. Nothing beats sitting down with your friends or family to share a delicious, and attractive, cheese platter. But this has been pretty un-exciting for the plant-based world for a long time. Not anymore! With a variety of flavour pairings and options available you can now make the cheese spread of your dreams without the need for any of it to contain dairy.

A Plant Based Butter That Is Actually Like Butter

Our butter is not like margarine. It’s not another vegetable oil based spread trying (and failing) to not make you miss real butter. Our butter is thick, rich, and tastes just like the ‘real thing’. It has been developed to give the authentic European style cultured butter experience (think warm croissants in winter) and it spreads, melts, bakes, and browns just like its dairy counterpart.


Decadent, thick, silky, luxurious … need we go on? Fooling even the harshest of critics our crème desserts are a whole other level of deliciousness. Eat them like cream or mousse. Use them like custard. However you choose to enjoy them, whether in a fancy dessert or just with a spoon (we won’t judge!), you will NOT be disappointed.

Environmentally Supportive Production

<p>We are big on reducing our impact on the planet. Not just through providing plant-based ‘dairy’ foods but also by eliminating our production waste. All our glass packaging is 100% re-useable and we accept the return of any used jars to re-sterilise and re-use in our production. We have an active compost system at our facility. We responsibly recycle every bit of waste that cannot be directly re-used or composted. And in the unavoidable situations where we must use plastic (like our vacuum packaging) we use 100% recyclable options here so that you can either recycle this yourself or return it to us to recycle for you. We are also a ‘disposables free workplace’ where single use water bottles, coffee cups, straws, and plastic bags are banned.</p>

Where To Dine

We work closely with some of Melbournes amazing cafes and restaurants to bring you delicious plant-based options when you want to treat yourself to a nice meal out. Head here to find out which eateries near you beautifully incorporate our products into their menus, and get a tantalising preview of how these meals look in the photoshoots we have done on site at each location!

Stockists Near You

Want to know where to find our products close to your home? Find our stockist and distributor information here to point you in the right direction. Who knows – maybe there is cheese close enough for you to walk to and you don’t even know it yet! 😉

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