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Our udderly plant-based products!
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Our award winning range wins hearts and taste buds

We are SO incredibly proud and humbled to have been named Nourish Awards Best Vegan Cheese as voted by the Australia public. We promise we do not take this absolute honour for granted, and use this motivating and rewarding status to drive us everyday to achieve more, better, yummier products for all of you to enjoy around your tables with family, friends, and loved ones. In a double whammy, we have also taken home the title of Best Dairy Alternative Produce Brand in the LUXLife! International Awards, something for which we are also immensely proud. It is an honour and a privilege to serve you all each and every day.

Our udderly plant-based origins.

Loving Mother Earth and her animals is a full time job.

The brains behind The Vegan Dairy are husband and wife co-creators, Brittany and Bronson, and they’re as married to their mission of making delicious dairy-free goodies as they are to each other.

From hobby to job[y]

Our foray into vegan cheese began with an attempt to make a dairy-free version of Bronson’s favourite persian feta. A few jars shared with loved ones here and there quickly became a few dozen jars at Britt’s mother’s market stall, which eventually snowballed into a full-time career making delicious guilt-free substitutes for Australia’s favourite dairy indulgences.

But our ability to churn out exquisite cheeses wasn’t born overnight.

It’s cheesy but it’s true

Our talents were nurtured over time thanks to an upbringing rich in cooking and cheesemaking, which equipped us with enough knowledge of traditional methods to turn all-natural ingredients into an entire dairy-free range (one we think tastes pretty damn delicious, if we do say so ourselves!).

As long-time vegetarians, and then newbie plant-based eaters, we were always hunting for tasty dairy-free equivalents to our favourite foods, but they never quite hit the spot. In the end, after a lot of disappointing purchases and then a lot of at-home experimentation, we simply made them ourselves. But we’re always looking for new ways to make our range as earth, animal and tummy friendly as possible.

Keeping dairy kinder moo-ving forward

Today, we’re proudly filling plates all over Australia with our vegan range, because we’ve found that when you leave beautiful animals out of the equation there’s just so much more to love.

Our plant-based promise to the planet.

Treat her right, keep her bright.

Not only are we doing the planet a favour by steering clear of beautiful beasts, but we’re giving her a brighter future by embracing fully sustainable practices. You name it, we’re doing it (or, at least, we’re working mighty hard to achieve it).


Leaving smaller footprints

A big part of why we started The Vegan Dairy was to create delicious dairy products that were kinder to the environment, which is why we’re doing everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint across every facet of our business. This includes almost-waste-free production, something made possible by our own on-site composting facilities. And where goods are received in undesirable packaging (such as nuts in vacuum-sealed bags), they’re carefully sorted and sent to local facilities that ensure every single bit of waste from our production process is, at the very least, recycled.

Using cleaner packaging

We’re proud to say that we are among the first companies in Australia (actually, the world!) to be using home compostable packaging in some of our products (we’re actually working to achieve plastic-free status across our entire business). And where packaging isn’t completely compostable, it’s 100% reusable and/or recyclable. We even package products like feta in mason jars that you can reuse, well, forever, thanks to the endless range of accessories that can transform them into coffee cups, herb shakers, salt and pepper grinders, soap pumps and more. You name it, they can be it.

Sourcing better ingredients

Wherever we can, we source our ingredients locally. And where we can’t, we get them from responsible businesses who make it their mission to support their own local community. We also make it a priority to ensure all labour involved in producing and harvesting these ingredients is ethical too.


All of these initiatives may make our production process a little more expensive and laboursome for us, but it’s a small price to pay for helping our beautiful planet and supporting hard working communities around the world.


All-natural ingredients all the way.

We milk plants, not animals.

Our entire range is full of 100% natural ingredients that are sourced solely from the earth and are completely vegan, and organic where possible. On top of that, we’re also working on changing our butters and crémes (and even developing new cheeses!) to be made of organic hemp rather than cashews. Because while our cashews help support sustainable production, we’re always looking at ways to minimize our environmental footprint even further.


Leaving smaller footprints

Keeping things clean and simple

Everything we make is full of all the things you love, like rich flavours and clean ingredients, and free from the stuff you don’t, like gluten, dairy, lactose, additives and refined sugars. And where our ingredients can’t be sourced locally, we get them from responsible businesses who play a big part in supporting their own local community. 


Keeping our processes traditional

Our cheeses taste like dairy cheeses because we use nothing but traditional cheese making techniques. This fills our products with authentic, natural flavours the way our grandparents’ generation did! We make it a rule not to add any flavours that can’t be achieved through fermentation, culturing and ageing, or any ingredients that you wouldn’t eat as a standalone food. This is our way of keeping things as natural and authentic as possible. As if you made it yourself at home, but we just made it for you!

Keeping you healthy

A beautiful by-product of our vegan and lactose-free products is that the culturing process puts a host of healthy gut bacteria in every mouthful. And because we activate our nuts, it makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb the good nutrients within.


Essentially, all of this means there’s a whole lot of goodness in every bite.



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