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European Yoghurt (Crème Fraiche)

Thick, tangy, and reminiscent of true dairy-based natural yoghurt. Our Crème Fraiche is the perfect substitute for yoghurt or sour cream in both sweet and savoury applications. 200g jar.



Rice, organic coconut oil, filtered water, organic cashews, rice bran oil, vegan cultures, sea salt.


Persian Feta

Aged And Smokey

Ashed Chèvre

Dill Chèvre

Chilli Chives

Red Bell Pepper

Herb Garlic Boursin

Fruit & Pistachio

Smoked Hemp Mozzarella


Garlic & Sage Butter

Cultured Butter

Truffle Butter


Dutch Chocolate

Vanilla Bean Crème

European Yoghurt

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