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Fresh 5 Minute Summer Salad

Feb 2, 2022 | Recipes To Impress, Savoury

Fresh (and impressive!) summer salad in under 5 minutes 🥗🌼⁠

We have been growing a lot in our tiny garden lately now that the summer weather has finally been somewhat consistent, and this beautiful salad is made entirely from our home grown babies – VERY exciting!!⁠


🥬 2-3 cucumbers⁠
🥬 Large handful fresh basil leaves, torn⁠
🥬 1-2 stone fruit of choice (we used nectarines), sliced⁠
🥬 1/2 block @thevegandairy Ashed Chèvre⁠
🥬 1/2 avocado, cubed⁠
🥬 Large handful roasted chickpeas (or roasted nuts / seeds)⁠
🥬 Handful edible flowers (optional, but pretty!)⁠
🥬 Apple cider vinegar + Coconut aminos (or alternative dressing of choice)⁠


Finely slice or ‘spiralise’ your cucumbers so that you have either ribbons or noodles. You can chop some of your cucumber into circles if you want to create some extra visual differentiation in your salad presentation 😉 Arrange around a dish to create the salad base. Then just layer everything else on as you wish! Fruit, avocado, basil, chunks of cheese broken off by hand, chickpeas (or nuts / seeds) over the top and flowers + dressing to finish off. Yum and simples!⁠

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