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We don’t believe in just being kind to the planet through creating amazing plant-based foods. We also believe in being kind to the planet, and all its inhabitants, by reducing our businesses environmental impact as much as we can. One of the biggest ways we can do this is by opting for carefully selected packaging options that reduce waste and place a value on reusable and sustainable options.


Our glass jars

All our glass jars are a custom designed regular mouth mason jar, with a leak proof and airtight lid. In the case of the Persian Feta this lid is a traditional two piece ‘preserving’ style lid that even further eliminates the risk of oil leaks from your cheese. This means that you can reuse your glass jar over and over, in a multitude of different ways, in both hot and cold temperatures, rather than sending that jar into the waste system. Unfortunately, glass is no longer recycled much in Australia so the more we can avoid putting in the bin, whichever bin it is, the better! And if you’re really keen to reduce waste, you can even return your empty clean jars to us and we will sterilise and reuse them 🙂

We have customers who reuse their jars as reusable takeaway coffee cups, for herb and spice storage, snack jars for kids, to make gifts with, in their meal and lunch prep, to make breakfast puddings, and even around the house as soap dispensers, art and craft storage, and so many other ways. There are some amazing ‘mason jar attachments’ available these days online that can turn your used Vegan Dairy jars into an array of cool and creative new handy things!

Plastic Free, Home Compostable Plastic Bags 

Plastic is a really big problem for the planet and so we are doing everything we can to eliminate it from our production completely. We have searched endlessly, high and low, ever since we started in 2016 to find a better way of vacuum sealing our cheeses to keep them perfectly fresh for you but without using plastic. AND WE HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT!! *insert happy dance*

As of 2020 we will be using 100% home compostable vacuum seal bags, and 100% home compostable labels, for our full range of cheeses. This is a HUGE step forward and means that once you are finished with your cheese you can put the empty “plastic” bag with its labels still attached either in your home compost bin or, if you don’t have compost, just dig it into any garden bed or area of soil you can find! If you have no soil around anywhere and your only option is to put the packaging into landfill then you can at least know that this 100% plant-based bag will break down in less than 12 weeks wherever it ends up 😀

Our Ingredients

We have always strived to create our products with the most minimal, healthful, and eco-conscious ingredients available. Everything we use is organic and, seeing as we know how important transparency is when we make our own food choices, we feel that’s important for us to give to our customers as well.

We have a little unwritten ‘law’ in our cheesery that we don’t use any ingredients we wouldn’t eat in our own daily food preparation at home. This means no preservatives, no fillers, no ingredients that could do weird things to our bodies or our digestive systems or those of our children. We keep things simple, clean, healthy, and pronounceable! Hehe.

Though we do our best to use local Australian ingredients wherever possible, the core of our products uses ingredients that unfortunately cannot be grown or produced in Australia in large enough amounts (cashew nuts and coconut oil). So we have taken a strict approach to choosing which suppliers we use that originate overseas. We only work with companies who are 100% committed to never using any child, slave, or animal labour, and who work to support and give back to the communities they work within. The creation of local jobs, and education of local communities, means that we are not just supporting other small businesses by making use of these amazing products but we are also supporting other small communities.

For more information please visit the following websites:

Kokonut Pacific, Pacific Islands –
Sanmik Natural Food, Sri Lanka –
Natural Foods Trading Company –

Our Marinating Oil

We have recently made the switch from Rice Bran Oil, as a marinating oil for our Persian Feta and as a vegetable oil in our butters and crèmes, to Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Canola Oil. Why have we done this?

Initially we chose Rice Bran Oil because it was the best, most nutrient dense, oil on the market that doesn’t congeal in the fridge. As much as we would like to use Olive Oil it solidifies at cold temperatures which we found turned a lot of our customers away. Olive Oil cannot stay liquified in the fridge due to its high content of monounsaturated fats, so any feta that has liquid oil at fridge temperature and claims to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not telling the whole truth. It has to be blended with another lower quality oil to stay in this liquid form. But we didn’t want to blend oils to get this result. We wanted to find a good quality non-congealing oil by itself that also stands up to cooking temperatures (so that you can use our products in cooking without nutrient detriment). At the time Cold Filtered Rice Bran Oil was right up there. And still is. But we found one even better.

Canola Oil gets a pretty bad rap out there in the big wide world. And with very good reason. Traditionally, and still almost always, Canola Oil is obtained using a heat treatment and chemical extraction process. These methods make Canola Oil cheap and easily accessible throughout the world but they are much too harsh for the delicate nutrients contained within Canola seeds and therefore destroy all the healthful properties of this oil. But not with the oil we use! Our new Canola Oil goes through a cold pressing, 100% natural and chemical free, extraction process that leaves the wonderful qualities of the oil completely intact and ready for you to enjoy.

Our new Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Cold Filtered Canola Oil has the following amazing healthy properties;

  • More omega 3’s than olive oil or any other oil
  • Less than almost half the saturated fat of olive oil or any other oil
  • Cholesterol free
  • High in Vitamin E and antioxidants
  • High in omega 9’s
  • 100% Australian grown and produced

If you would like to learn more about this amazing quality oil please get in touch and we will happily send you the full specification sheet 🙂

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