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Smoked and pickled salad

Feb 27, 2022 | Recipes To Impress, Savoury

🍏🥗 Ashed Chèvre with Smoked and Pickled Fruit 🥗🍏⁠

Makes 1 large salad for 4-6 people, or 4-6 individual serves⁠


1 x The Vegan Dairy Ashed Chèvre cheese⁠
200ml rice vinegar⁠
375ml hot water⁠
15ml extra virgin olive oil⁠
110gm coconut sugar⁠
20gm salt⁠
2 granny smith apples⁠
1⁄3 daikon radish⁠
1 beetroot⁠
2 radishes⁠
Hickory smoking chips⁠

Pickle Mix:⁠

🥬 Mix hot water with sugar and salt, add vinegar, cool. Divide into 3 parts.⁠
🥬 Using a mandolin cut 2mm slices of apple and 1mm slices of beetroot and daikon.⁠
🥬 Cut 5cm circles using a cookie cutter (optional, for a more uniform look)⁠
🥬 Using an old steaming pot place a tablespoon of hickory chips in the bottom.⁠
🥬 Place over high heat and when it starts to smoke turn down to minimum (smoke in a well ventilated space away from smoke detectors)⁠
🥬 Put the steamer basket on. Smoke the apple for 45 seconds and then place straight into the pickle mix. Smoke the beetroot for 3 min. Place straight into pickle mix.⁠
🥬 Toss the daikon with a teaspoon of salt. Leave 15mins and rinse well. Place into pickle mix⁠
🥬 Leave soaking a minimum of four hours, and a maximum of two days.⁠

Plating: ⁠

🥬 Make a bed of mizuna and rocket ⁠
🥬 Cut and place thin slices of chèvre around the bed of salad⁠
🥬 Place first the apple and daikon then beetroot taking care not to let drips fall as they will stain the other ingredients.⁠
🥬 Decorate with finely sliced radishes and edible flowers if you have access to them.⁠
🥬 Drizzle with the olive oil⁠

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