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Strawberry cheesecake truffles

Feb 7, 2022 | Recipes To Impress, Sweet

trawberry cheesecake truffles, anyone? These are so easy to make (my kids have just made, and devoured, a double batch!!) and a sweet and simple treat for a nice lazy weekend morning ☺️ ⁠

AAAAAND is a great recipe to save for when our FRUIT CHEESE becomes available again very soon for the holiday season *winkwink* 😉🎄⁠


💚 1 block @thevegandairy Ashed Chèvre or Fruit Cheese⁠
💚 1 Tbl lemon juice⁠
💚 1/2 Tbl maple syrup⁠
💚 3 Tbl strawberry jam⁠
💚 1/2 tsp vanilla⁠
💚 1/2 packet crushed digestive biscuits, blended to crumbs + extra for coating⁠
💚 2-3 strawberries, finely diced⁠


Mix together the cheese, lemon juice syrup, vanilla and jam in a large mixing bowl. You can do this by hand or use a blender/food processor for a smoother result. Fold in the biscuit crumbs and the fresh strawberry. Using a spoon to measure even sized truffles, roll the mixture into balls, then roll in the extra biscuit crumbs before placing the balls on a piece of baking paper (If the mixture is too soft to form balls, you can place it in the fridge/freezer for 30mins to help firm it up). Once all the mixture is rolled out, place them in the fridge or freezer until ready to serve (the freezer makes them more like cheesecake ice cream 😉).⁠

Makes about 12 truffles⁠.

📸 by @littleaudrey

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