The Veggie Table

The Veggie Table

The Veggie Table

The Veggie Table

The Veggie Table

The Veggie Table

We love sharing all-things-food with you and so have created a flexible and informal space here to share all different things with you related to plant-based food, our products, environmentally conscious living and eating, and anything else we feel may be of interest to all of you out there.

Here you will find an ongoing stream to show you how our products are being used by chefs around the country, which eateries you can visit that feature our products on the menu, how we cook with / use our products at home, delicious and easy recipes, tips for reusing your Vegan Dairy jars, and anything else we feel like sharing!

If you would like to see something in particular, or have an idea you would like to see us bring to fruition, please feel free to contact us and let us know! This page is a bit of a fun community platform so we always love hearing from our customers about what they want to see 🙂


The Modern Chef

see how Chefs are using our products

Where to dine

A list of where you can enjoy meals made with our products


Our favourite recipes

(coming soon)


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