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Vanilla Crème, Peach, Custard and Gingernut cookie Parfait

Feb 27, 2022 | Recipes To Impress, Sweet

🍑 1 x packet vegan gingernut cookies⁠
🍑 1 x cup peach slices⁠
🍑 ½ cup vegan glace cherries⁠
🍑 1 x cup vegan custard⁠
🍑 1 x jar The Vegan Dairy Vanilla Bean Crème⁠


Blitz the gingernut cookies in a food processor until crumbly⁠

Put some of the crumbly cookies in the bottom of a glass or parfait cup. Layer up with sliced peaches, glace cherries custard and vanilla bean crème⁠

Repeat this layer. If you want to get fancy pipe the vanilla bean crème on top, and then top with some extra crumbled gingernut cookies. Enjoy!⁠

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