Our full range is available in both retail and food-service options to cater for your business needs.

We handle our own direct distribution in Victoria. If you are Victorian based and would like our wholesale information pack sent to you, please email us at info@thevegandairy.com and we will get back to you shortly.  

For other states please refer to our wonderful distributors below. If you would like, however, to first discuss our range directly with us so that we can best recommend what might suit your business please give us a ring on (03) 9018 5558 or email us at info@thevegandairy.com 


SA / WA / TAS / Darwin

Sassy Foods | (03) 9583 8966 | mail@sassyfoods.com.au



Plant Based Distribution | 0423 746 266 | sales@plantbaseddistribution.com.au

Sassy Foods | (03) 9583 8966 | mail@sassyfoods.com.au



Inspired Foods | (07) 5593 7909 | info@inspiredfoods.com.au


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